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Everything in the feedback below is true: fast, responsive and interactive.A good and safe choice
- Victor Paashuis, Netherlands

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designdestiny.net is a team of young web developers and graphic designers established in february 2005. We offer a quality service at popular prices. As we are a small team of freelancers, you would be assured in the quality of our service and close communication with our clients.

You can contact us by email (see header), or chat online using ICQ , MSN Messenger, AIM or YIM. Annunciation of the chat sessions is needed by email.

All our services have warranty period of 1 month after closing the work on the project. During this period, we would provide you with technical support and/or necessary changes or bug fixes on the project, free of charge (according to the projects specs).


Web development (CMS, PHP, SQL, HTML, FLASH...):
We are specialized in Content Management Systems (like Mambo and Joomla) and development of custom components and modules for these systems. Our team can help you to install, configure and develop your web site driven by some popular CMS.

Our team of professional web designers can offer you a nice and contemporary design for your web site. These design solutions can be applied to the CMS driven web sites, static HTML pages or Flash web sites.

Graphic design:
We offer Graphic design solutions, Logo design, Flyers, static & animated Banners (flash, gif), Brochures, Business cards, Illustrations, Photo retouching, pre-press, etc.

3D Modelling & Rendering, CAD drawing:
Static and animated 3D objects, scenes and movie clips for various purposes: architecture, law, advertising, medicine, movies, animated movies, video games, etc.


The price of the projects is established between the client and the representative of our team before start of working on the project. The price depends of the time that we need to finish your project. After we read your requirements, we would estimate the number of work hours needed for your project. The price of one work hour is not fixed and may vary between $19.99 - $24.99.

If the project price exceeds $500, you would need to pay some part of the full project price in advance. Otherwise, you pay for our services AFTER the work on your project is accomplished. This is the best guarantee that you would be satisfied with our services.


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